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Yes! ( this allows me to help guide the list and suggestions)
Save your date with a DEPOSIT ( $550.00 – $800.00)

Upon Deposit we begin scheduling necessary appointments based on the Collection you choose from our Services Page.


Communication is by phone and email exchange, with reference to existing boards in stock through our Blog, Instagram, and Pinterest.


One-on-one design consultation to select frames and discuss customization with Kim and wedding vendors. Communication is by phone and email exchange after the direction of the project is agreed upon.


One-on-one design consultation to select frames and discuss customization with Kim and wedding vendors, Site Visit, Vendor Collaboration, and Final Meeting are all included in the design consultation.

Inside a collection you can add and subtract pieces once you have met one of the three minimums. ( Most collections have a minimum of 3 rental pieces.)

Yes. It would be booked as a Favorites Collection ( $850.00 starting cost) and the Final cost would be determined at the completion of the design process based on size and complexity.

1. It is based on the number of projects in production at the time that you book.

2. The design process starts with questions and conversations; once we move to drawings we may have one to three edits before final sign-off.

3. Based on the size of the project, production takes about three weeks from final sign-off.

We can ship by commercial FedEx.
We plan the project based on the most cost effective boxes and cost to ship.
We can ship anywhere in the US in a range from 3 to 5 days of delivery.
We are able to estimate cost once the size and materials are determined.
We are happy to quote a range based on previous packages shipped.
When we ship outside of Orlando, the projects are purchased outright by the client and are not returned to our studio.

We prefer to work with a wedding planners as they are excellent with organization and logistics of venues and production on the day of.
If you work on your own, based on the size of the project, we may need to add more labor the day of your event for installation.
All projects have hourly site fees, however some projects require more based on the venue.

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