The Back Story …



While designing chalkboards for a friend’s wedding a few years ago, I started to conceptualize the idea of a chalkboard rental company. Who wants to purchase expensive frames to use for just one day? No one needs to take home a large seating chart at the end of the night! Thus, I combined my architectural background, my calligraphy skills, and my personal style to create Chalk Shop in 2013.

My educational background is in business and architecture, so my right and left brain are constantly working together. I have been a wedding enthusiast for as long as I can remember, ever since the very first issue of Martha Stewart weddings twenty years ago. My love for all things beautiful inspires my graphic designs and the boards we personally build in our shop – yes, all of our shapes are cut by hand, by me, with my favorite hand-held saw!

I welcome the chance to enhance a family’s wedding celebration! The coming together of past and future generations to reflect on traditions, some old and some new, truly embodies the magic of weddings. To help create the overall experience while collaborating with other talented vendors, (especially the floral and cake designers) is my second favorite part – I love seeing the way a venue space can be transformed! My heart always skips a beat at the moment when the family sees the celebration.

My dream would be to bring my love for weddings and my chalkboards to make your big day one you and your guests will never forget. I look forward to working with and making all of your wedding dreams come true!

Looking forward to hearing your Story!


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